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PIM Suite

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Effortlessly gather, enrich, and publish product information from diverse sources in native file formats for seamless publication on any channel or marketplace. Maximize your online visibility and reach

product information management

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Data Asset Management

With our Data Asset Management effortlessly store and manage product data, captivating visuals, and engaging videos. Benefit from centralized storage, precise version control, and customized asset transformation for diverse data management. Foster collaboration, ensure rights compliance & seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce platforms. Elevate your online presence and streamline operations with Data Asset Management.

Data Asset Management

Generate Product Descriptions

Unlock the power of AI to revolutionize your product descriptions that create compelling content that seamlessly weaves in SEO-optimized keywords tailored to your products. With persuasive content generation, our AI solution ensures your product descriptions attract qualified traffic, skyrocket search engine visibility, and maximize conversion rates.

Generate Product Description

Product Attribute Extraction

Tap into the power of AI-driven image analysis to extract primary attributes from your product images. Streamline your operations with automated product categorization, enhanced search functionality, and captivating descriptions featuring accurate tags, and create personalized customer experiences that drive conversions. Let AI help you achieve unrivaled success in the online retail landscape.

Product Atribute Extration

Data Sourcing

Gain a competitive edge with effective data sourcing for your online business. Harness the power of web scraping and competitor analysis to gather valuable product details, customer feedback, and market trends from diverse websites. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions, enhance your offerings, and create impactful marketing strategies that drive success.

Data sourcing

Auto Image Editing

Discover the transformative of AI-powered auto-image editing solutions for eCommerce. Elevate your product images to new heights with cutting-edge features that includes seamless image resizing, optimized file resizing, effortless background removal, and customizable backgrounds in striking white or vibrant colors. Effortlessly remove watermarks to present your products in their purest form, add captivating shadows that bring depth and dimension to your images

Auto Image Editing

Multi-Marketplace Listing

Discover the template mapping revolution! Multimarketplace listings streamline your workflow, saving time and effort. Auto-mapping intelligently matches your templates, boosting efficiency. Customize SKUs for precise data. Enjoy hassle-free integration with eCommerce platforms through marketplace-compatible downloads. Our solution ensures a seamless experience for all your marketplace needs.

Multi Marketplace Listing

Text to Videos

Experience the cutting-edge technology of automated video generation powered by AI. The AI system will help you analyze your content, create a script that highlights key features, select visually stunning visuals, and apply expert editing techniques. To enhance the overall impact, suitable music and effects are added, creating a truly immersive viewing experience. Our solution also offers customized options, allowing you to tailor the video content to suit your brand image.

Text to Videos

API Integration

Streamline your eCommerce business effortlessly with our AI-powered API integration. Access accurate and up-to-date product data in real-time, empowering customers to make informed purchases. Automate product synchronization across multiple sales channels, eliminating manual entry and boosting online store efficiency.

API Integration

Omnichannel Support

Utilize AI to streamline operations, centralize product information, optimize inventory, engage customers with personalized recommendations, and more. Gain insights from sentiment analysis, and continuously optimize strategies for better conversions.

Omnichannel Support

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Q: What is Product Information Management?

A: Product Information Management is a system or software solution that helps businesses centralize, manage, enrich, and distribute product information across various sales channels.

Q: How many users will get admin access to the PIM system?

A: Only one person can have admin access, while everyone else will have editor access.

Q: How secure is my data on PIM System?

A: We follow the highest security standards in the industry to protect your data. Rest assured, your data is secure in our database environment. Only you and your team will have access to it, ensuring that no one else can reach your data.

Q: Which file format should the input file be in for the PIM system?

A: The preferred file format for the input file in the PIM system is Excel format.

Q: Can PIM handle product variations?

A: Yes, the PIM system is capable of managing product variants, such as different sizes, colors, or configurations. It can also handle complex product relationships like cross-selling, upselling, or accessory recommendations.

Q: How does PIM contribute to Search Engine Optimization?

A: PIM helps to optimize product data for search engines by allowing businesses to add relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and other SEO-related information to product listings. This improves the visibility and search ranking of products on eCommerce platforms.

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