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Pricing Intelligence: AI-powered Product Pricing Comparision Tool

Analyze Competitors’ Price Positioning, Get Seller Level Analysis, Match one-to-one products with Discount & Stock Analysis to gain an edge over your competition with’s Pricing Intelligence tool


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Pricing Intelligence: Product Features

Competitors Price Position

Seller Level Analysis

Selling Price Comparison

Selling Price Comparison

One-to-One Product Matching 

Discount & Stock Analysis

Make Informed Marketing Decisions with the help of our AI-powered Pricing Intelligence Tool

Competitors Price Positioning

Competitors Price Positioning

With the curation of competitor’s pricing strategies, variations, and movements, gauge the competitor landscape precisely. With unique AI-driven insights,’s pricing intelligence tool will enable your business to price products more strategically.

Seller Level Analysis

With the power of AI, analyze the sellers based on market segment presence across multiple channels. Know if your sellers are providing the right price, stock, and discount with’s pricing intelligence tool.

Seller level Analysis
Seller Price Comparison

Selling Price Comparison

Leverage AI for seamless price comparisons of your competitors & track pricing movements. Automate your pricing strategy and dominate your target market.

One-to-One Product Matching and Comparison

Unlock precise product matching and dynamic comparison maps for online sellers using cutting-edge AI technology. Compare text, image, brand, unique IDs, and price with your competitors’ products.

product matching and comparison
Discount & Stock Analysis

Discount & Stock Analysis

Our pricing intelligence tool provides insights into competitors’ inventory, pricing strategies, and market trends help to identify discounts and products that are trending in the market. 

Plans and Pricing

Frequency of CrawlProfessional
Up to 1000 SKUsUp to 5000 SKUsUp to 10000 SKUs10000+ SKUs
Monthly₹4,999₹19,999₹39,999 Talk to Us
Thrice a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)₹14,999₹39,999₹79,999
Product Features - All plans
Number of Users3
Number of CompetitorsUp to 10
Price Range and Analysis
Stock Availability
Category Filter & Standardization
Dashboard and Reports
Upload SKUs to Track
Competitor and Price Difference Analysis
Seller Information
Discount and Price Trend Analysis


Q: What is pricing intelligence?

A: Utilize Pricing Intelligence to analyze pricing strategies, compare competitors’ prices, and assess the competitive landscape. Gain insights on discounts and stock availability while categorizing sellers based on market segments. Effortlessly match and compare products end-to-end by mapping identical and similar product lines.

Q: How does it benefit an eCommerce brand?

A: This will help a brand in analyzing pricing structure of it’s products in comparison to other competitors

Q: How many competitor's can the tool provide?

A: Up to 10 competitors can be tracked. However, competitors websites have to be configured as a one-time activity.

Q: What is the frequency of crawl or time-interval?

A: Data is crawled either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis according to the plan. 

Q: Does the tool suggest the best price for a product based on the competitors product price?

A: Only the insights are provided with product prices and pricing position against competitors.

Q: How many teammates can access the dashboard from one single account?

A: All plans allows access to 3 teammates. 

Q: Does the tool provide stock availability status?

A: Yes

Q: Does the tool provide seller level information?

A: Yes

Q: Does the tool provide discount overview?

A: Yes

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