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Marketing suite

AI-driven Marketing to Maximize Your Business Output

Efficiently achieve marketing goals with AI-powered Marketing Solutions to optimize pricing, gain insights, enhance product development, manage reviews, create engaging content, identify influencers, and optimize ad campaigns.

Marketing Suite

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Empower your eCommerce Marketing with AI-driven Insights

Seller Onboarding

Strategize your eCommerce business with a Seller onboarding dashboard that enables your platform to attract and onboard new sellers, diversify your inventory, increase competitiveness, and expand your market reach.
Enrich your eCommerce product catalog, empowering customers with a vast selection, superior shopping experiences, and exclusive access to emerging trends.

seller onboarding

Content Generation

Elevate your online presence with AI-powered content generation and marketing solutions. Create captivating ad copies, product descriptions, blogs, and SEO content effortlessly. Increase visibility, traffic, and conversions with customized SEO strategies.

contet generation solution

Product Recommendations

Revolutionize online product recommendations using AI to deliver personalized and meaningful suggestions. Harness the power of customer data analysis, collaborative filtering, advanced machine learning models, deeper contextual comprehension, real-time updates, and cross-selling possibilities. Enhance shopping experiences, drive sales, and cultivate customer satisfaction and loyalty through tailored recommendations.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Review Management

Analyze sentiments, categorize reviews, and spot trends with advanced algorithms. Simplify moderation and display genuine, valuable feedback. Engage customers with AI-generated summaries and personalized reviews for increased conversions. Maximize insights, satisfaction, and brand reputation with AI as your marketing partner.

review management

Influencer Marketing

Leverage AI for influencer marketing for eCommerce businesses to identify ideal influencers, predict performance, optimize content, detect fraud, track metrics, and target micro-influencers. Maximize impact, reach the target audience, and drive tangible results for your brand.

influncer marketing

Ad Management

Harness the power of AI to enhance your operations. Embrace automated efficiency, tailored targeting, and data-driven insights. Stay connected to real-time performance tracking and dynamic pricing optimization for optimal results. Utilize AI to maximize your advertising budgets through intelligent customer segmentation.

Ai based ad management

Market Insights - Pricing, Product, Marketing Intelligence

Marketing insights are essential for making informed business decisions, competitor analysis, stock tracking, market research, and more. Refine pricing, inventory, and product enhancements by studying market trends. Evaluate product information, enhance marketing strategies, and empower data-driven choices.

competitors analysis


Q: What kind of information can I get from Market Intelligence?

A: You have the opportunity to access various promotional insights, including discount emails, the connection between promotions and SKUs, SEO scores, comparative advertisements, and more.

Q: Can I generate weekly/daily reports?

A: Absolutely! You have the option to accomplish that within our report section. However, please note that at the moment, this feature is accessible to a selected group of users.

Q: Can I assign tasks to my colleagues and track the progress of each task?

A: Yes, you have the flexibility to divide tasks into multiple subtasks and assign them accordingly.

Q: How can I compare the prices of my competitor's products?

A: By selecting any of your products in the dashboard, you can access comprehensive information about your competitors.

Q: How can I manage product reviews?

A: Within the Product details page, you can manage reviews.

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