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Auto-Mapping Made Easy: Simplify your Multi-Marketplace Listings

Effortlessly upload, customize, and integrate templates with advanced auto-mapping, boosting efficiency and data accuracy for a seamless eCommerce experience

Multi Marketplace Listings

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Simplify your Multi-Marketplace Listings

Seamless Workflow

 Experience a seamless workflow that effortlessly simplifies the process, from uploading your templates to downloading them. Unlock unparalleled efficiency and skyrocket your productivity with revolutionary solutions from

b2b ecommerce Workflow

Automated Mapping

Advanced auto-mapping feature intelligently maps source templates, eliminating the need for manual intervention and saving valuable time

Automated Mapping

Customizable Quality Control

Provides users with customizable quality control options, enabling them to thoroughly review and enhance each SKU. This ensures precise data accuracy and completeness based on specific requirements

ecommerce QC

Marketplace Compatibility

Seamlessly supports the download of reviewed templates in formats compatible with different marketplaces. This simplifies integration with various eCommerce platforms, eliminating any complexities

Marketplace Compatibility


Q: How many input files can I upload at a time?

A: You can only upload one cataloging file at a time containing up to 50,000 SKUs. Additionally, if you have a listing file having additional SKUs or attributes, it is also required to be uploaded.

Q: Can I skip the “Manual QC” part completely and do it later?

A: Yes

Q: In what format will the output file be generated?

A: The output file will be in CSV or XLSX format.

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