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Cataloging Suite

AI Powered Full-Stack eCommerce Cataloging Automation & Data Intelligence for Growth

Manage end-to-end cataloging with our customizable suite, tailored to your specific needs

cataloging suite

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Cataloging Automation

Leverage advanced tech for seamless cataloging, harness state-of-the-art technologies such as image generation, NLP-natural language processing, and ML-machine learning to effortlessly produce captivating catalog images, generate persuasive content, enhance product visuals, ensure precise audits, and simplify image uploads. Elevate efficiency, customer experience, and sales potential with AI-powered catalog management solutions

catalog Automation

Image Editing Solutions

Unleash the power of AI-driven image editing solutions for seamless cataloging. Enhance product images with automated adjustments, remove backgrounds, resize, and crop effortlessly. Generate relevant tags, retouch images, and streamline the cataloging process.

ecommerce product image solutions

Image to Text

Leverage the power of AI to extract text from images, retrieve FMCG product details, and detect brand information. With advanced image recognition, AI accurately converts image text into editable formats and provides relevant product details. Organize and showcase your products with AI-enabled brand detection.

Image to text

Link Sourcing

Discover new opportunities as an online seller with AI-enabled link sourcing. With the help of AI technology, find sources selling the same products based on ASIN, UPC, EAN, title and brand name, or even image. Link sourcing opens up new marketing possibilities, allowing you to maximize your potential as an online seller.

Link sourcing

Catalog Quality Management

Achieve catalog perfection and maximize your online retail success with our advanced catalog quality management system. With automated AI checks, eliminate errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies, enhance customer experiences, boost conversion rates, streamline operations, and optimize your search engine visibility

CatalogQuality management

3D Image Rendering

Make your products look incredible with the help of AI. Convert plain 2D images into amazing 3D models. Give customers a mind-blowing experience by letting them explore and interact with virtual products. Stay ahead of your competitors and take your eCommerce business to the next level with AI and 3D models.

3d image rendering

Text Analysis

Transform your online product listings with the power of AI. Create captivating descriptions and generate catchy titles that include the right keywords to attract customers. Boost your visibility and increase organic traffic by optimizing your category page content for search engines. Use data-driven insights to improve your SEO strategies and write engaging promotional blogs that grab attention. With AI automation, you can expand your marketing efforts and get the expected results.

Text Analysis

A+ Content

Discover the endless ways AI can help you create fantastic A+ content. Use AI algorithms to research thoroughly, write catchy headlines, understand your audience, and improve your brand page’s visuals for eCommerce marketplaces.

A+ Content


Q: What is the maximum number of SKUs that can be added to a single catalog?

A: You have the ability to catalog up to one million SKUs, and this number can be further customized based on specific requests.

Q: Is it possible to modify my catalog after it has been uploaded?

A: Absolutely! You have the freedom to make changes to your current catalog whenever you need to. At any moment, you can update your product information and easily download it as an Excel file.

Q: Is it possible to extract or copy the text from the image?

A: Yes, our OCR engine indeed aids in extracting text from images to facilitate and simplify your job.

Q: Which marketplaces support A+ content?

A: A+ content is now supported by nearly all marketplaces, including Shopify and D2C eCommerce stores. By incorporating A+ content into your product page, you can effectively boost customer engagement. Noteworthy platforms that embrace A+ content include Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, and eBay, among others.

Q: What is included in the image editing solution?

A: You have the option to eliminate your image background or modify it by selecting a different image, color, or gradient. This tool enables you to adjust the image size in pixels or resize the image file in kilobytes (KBs) or megabytes (MBs). Additionally, you can alter the DPI, image padding, and file name. Furthermore, the tool offers the capability to host the image for your convenience.

Q: How can I get a free trial?

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