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Maximize Growth - Analyze Competitors Data, Discounts, Goals, and Product Positioning

Discover how assessing your product’s market position and competitiveness can empower you to make informed decisions. Learn how to leverage market insights to drive growth, capitalize on opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

competitors analysis

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Leveraging Competitor Analysis for Strategic Growth and Success

Pricing Intelligence

With the help of AI analyze pricing insights, compare competitors’ prices, and assess the competitive landscape. Gain insights on discounts and stock availability while categorizing sellers based on market segments. Easily match and compare products from start to finish by mapping identical products sold online.

Product Price comparison

Product Intelligence

Our solution provides a complete score by analyzing the product catalog thoroughly. It improves Search Engine Optimization by assessing information coverage and includes reviews and rating comparisons for a detailed analysis.

product intelligence

Marketing Intelligence

Our solution assesses email performance, offering campaign scores. Stay updated on customer and competitor trends via holiday calendar insights. Plan wiser with engaging market campaigns to effectively target market segments.

Competitors Analysis


Q: Can I compare my price deck with only one seller at a time?

A: By selecting a specific seller, you can compare your prices with theirs, obtaining a comprehensive list of their products and the corresponding price variations for each product.

Q: Is the data refreshed daily or weekly?

A: Data is refreshed either on a weekly basis or according to the agreed-upon frequency with the client.

Q: How many teammates can access the dashboard from one single account?

A: The Basic plan allows up to five teammates to access the dashboard using a single account, while the Business plan allows up to ten teammates to access the dashboard.

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