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Pricing Intelligence FAQs

Product Capabilities

What is Pricing Intelligence?

Pricing Intelligence by enables you to compare your product offerings, prices, and discounts with your competitors, helping to boost your sales. Also Read, Pricing Intelligence

Who can be my competitors?

Your competition could be anyone from marketplaces and quick commerce stores to D2C sites. Essentially, anyone who sells online could be seen as a competitor.

Can I map marketplaces and D2C sites as competitors in the same configuration?

You can track a variety of competitors, which could include marketplaces, retailers, D2C sites, and quick commerce platforms.

Do you also track promotions?

Yes, we can keep track of all listed promotions and banner offers on the product listing page. This information could prove useful when developing a promotions strategy.

Do you provide inventory intelligence like stocks, stock movement, and competitor stock monitoring?

We can provide all publicly available intelligence, such as stock availability and delivery timelines. However, we're unable to track the actual number of inventory or inventory movement of a competitor.

Do you provide price localization in your intelligence? Can you also monitor international currencies for the same product?

Our system tracks prices in your local currency and extracts prices in different currencies from competitors, converting them to your currency.

Clients, Industries, & Use-Cases

Do you provide alerts regarding price changes, stock levels, or promotions?

Yes, we can send alerts to your email. You can also adjust the frequency of these notifications.

Where do you provide services?

We offer our services worldwide and have clients located in India, the US, Canada, and the UAE.

As a manufacturer who sells to a distributor, can I ensure they are not violating terms?

We can monitor your distributors as long as they display their products and prices online.

Can you provide some examples of how this product is used?

Our product is versatile, working for any online sector. We've served various industries ranging from marketplaces to retail and D2C platforms.

Dashboard Setup, Data Monitoring & Refresh

"What is the estimated time required for setting up the dashboard?"

Upon receiving your competitor information, we typically require 2-4 weeks to configure the dashboard. However, the timeframe may vary depending on the quantity of competitors and complexity of their websites. Once set up, we guarantee uninterrupted tracking.

How frequently can you update my data?

We offer flexible data refresh options, ranging from multiple times per day to once per month, to provide real-time insights.

Are there any restrictions on data volume or the number of SKUs that can be tracked?

We do not impose any restrictions on the data that can be tracked. You can provide us with any number of SKUs for seamless configuration.

Do you offer a free trial?

Currently, the dashboard configuration is unavailable. Please contact us for assistance and access to sample dashboards.

How can I access this dashboard?

This is a cloud-based software accessible via a web browser. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can export the data into .xlsx files.

Is there a limit to the number of competitors I can track?

We suggest tracking a maximum of 10 competitors to avoid data overload, although we can track an infinite number if needed.

Data Accuracy

How reliable is your matching algorithm?

Our matching algorithm boasts a 99% accuracy rate across various categories. It automatically flags incorrect matches to ensure our users receive clean data.

Can you provide historical data?

Yes, we track and store historical data for your reference.

Matching Methodologies

What information do I need to provide for product matching?

We only need your website URL and competitor name for 99% accurate product matches using our AI algorithms.

I am a D2C brand. Can I match similar products for tracking?

Our algorithms take into account various factors for product matching. If needed, we may require your help in understanding your matching criteria. However, we can match similar products. You can also provide product URLs for matching.

I don't have any identifiers on my website. How can you match my products?

We don't solely rely on product identifiers. Our AI algorithms uses various other product information like brands, product titles, attributes, and images for matching.

I have over 1 lakh+ SKUs. Can you match all the products?

Absolutely. We don't limit the number of SKUs and our system can efficiently handle millions of SKUs.

How do you collect all the data from competitors?

We scour the web (like any other search engine) to gather publicly available information standardize the data, and provide analysis to help users develop their strategies.

Do you match using images or specific attributes?

Our algorithms can match products using various parameters such as images, attributes, category, and brand. We have consistently achieved 98% accuracy in matching.

Are there difficulties in obtaining competitor data?

There's nothing for you to worry about. We might encounter challenges due to changes in site structure or security infrastructure, but we handle these to ensure uninterrupted data flow.

Do you track variations in pricing by PIN Code?

Indeed, we can monitor prices at the PIN code level and supply the data needed for a specific region.

Can I choose to track specific SKUs? Do I need to provide a list?

Certainly, you can supply us with a list and we can customize the dashboard specifically for those SKUs.

Can I upload product details in batches for tracking?

Currently, no. But our system can retrieve all your products and competitor products from your URL, so there's no extra work for you. Batch upload will be introduced soon.

How do you track products with variants?

Our matching algorithms can differentiate between an exact match and a variant match. This enables us to match variants as well as parent products to their variants.

I sell on a marketplace that allows multiple vendors to sell the same products. Is it possible to track all the vendors?

We can track all the sellers on a marketplace and provide all the publicly available information for each seller.

Can you also track comments and reviews from product data and provide insights?

Our product offers a comprehensive view of your and your competitor's SKUs, including list price, seller price, and discounts along with reviews and comments.


Is the subscription annual or monthly?

The minimum contract is for a year, but the subscription is charged monthly. You can check out the pricing here.

How is your pricing calculated?

Our pricing is based on three factors - A. Your crawl frequency B. Number of SKUs to track C. Number of competitors to track. Check out our pricing here.

Reports and Integrations

Do you need any access to my portals for integrations?

No, we don't need any access to your portals unless you want to utilize this data in your platform through an API connection or integration.

Can I download reports from the tool?

You can download data to Excel in .xlsx format. These reports can be exported over a date range, for a specific brand or category for further analysis.

Do you provide API integrations?

Yes. Please contact our team to learn how you can integrate insights from pricing intelligence into your systems.

Can you recommend the price of a product based on insights and trends?

Currently, we don’t offer this feature. However, it's part of our plans. You can submit your inquiry here, and our team will notify you once this becomes available.

Do you provide an assortment analysis of competitors?

At the moment, we do not offer this feature. However, it is on our roadmap. Please submit your inquiry here, and we will keep you updated when it becomes available.

Alerts, Notifications, & Rules

Do you provide alerts regarding price changes, stock levels, or promotions?

Yes, we do provide alerts by sending an email. You can also adjust the frequency of these notifications.

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