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On-demand Commerce

On-demand commerce refers to business models and services that enable customers to access products or services instantly and conveniently, often through digital platforms or mobile applications, with minimal lead time or waiting periods. In academia, on-demand commerce is studied within the fields of service operations, platform economics, and consumer behavior. Researchers investigate on-demand commerce models, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and home services, to understand the impact of technology on consumer expectations and service delivery dynamics in the digital age. On-demand commerce offers various benefits for customers, such as convenience, speed, and flexibility in accessing goods and services on-demand, while providing businesses with opportunities to monetize idle capacity, optimize resource utilization, and differentiate their offerings through superior customer experiences and service quality. By leveraging technology platforms and algorithms, organizations can match supply with demand in real-time, optimize logistics and fulfillment processes, and deliver personalized and frictionless experiences that meet customer needs and preferences. Academic studies on on-demand commerce also explore its implications for labor markets, regulatory frameworks, and urban mobility, as well as emerging trends such as platform cooperatives, decentralized marketplaces, and autonomous delivery systems to address societal challenges and opportunities in the future of work and commerce.

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