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One-click Checkout

One-click checkout is an e-commerce checkout process that allows customers to complete purchases with a single click, without the need to enter billing, shipping, or payment information manually for each transaction. In academia, one-click checkout is studied within the fields of e-commerce usability, conversion optimization, and payment innovation. Researchers investigate one-click checkout benefits, including convenience, speed, and reduced friction in online transactions, to understand its impact on customer satisfaction and conversion rates in digital commerce environments. One-click checkout offers various advantages for both customers and businesses, such as faster checkout experiences, lower cart abandonment rates, and increased sales conversion rates, while providing a seamless and frictionless shopping experience that meets modern consumer expectations for convenience and efficiency. By implementing one-click checkout solutions, organizations can remove barriers to purchase, simplify the checkout process, and enhance customer experiences through streamlined transactions and reduced cognitive load. Academic studies on one-click checkout also explore its usability principles, security considerations, and regulatory compliance, as well as best practices for checkout design, payment tokenization, and user authentication to balance convenience with data protection and fraud prevention in online retailing and digital payments.

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