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Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital application or platform that enables users to securely store payment card information, loyalty cards, and other sensitive data on their mobile devices for making in-store, online, or peer-to-peer transactions. In academia, mobile wallets are studied within the fields of mobile payments, cybersecurity, and financial technology (fintech). Researchers investigate mobile wallet features, including contactless payments, tokenization, and biometric authentication, to enhance transaction security, convenience, and user trust in mobile payment solutions. Mobile wallets offer various benefits, such as faster checkout experiences, loyalty rewards integration, and fraud protection mechanisms, to meet the needs of consumers and merchants in an increasingly cashless and digital economy. By adopting mobile wallet solutions, organizations can offer customers seamless payment experiences, streamline checkout processes, and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty through value-added services and personalized offers. Academic studies on mobile wallets also explore their interoperability with existing payment systems, regulatory compliance requirements, and user adoption factors, as well as emerging technologies such as blockchain-based digital wallets and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to address evolving customer preferences and market trends in mobile payments and digital commerce ecosystems.

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