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Multi-vendor Marketplace

A multi-vendor marketplace is an online platform or website that enables multiple independent sellers or vendors to list and sell their products or services to customers, often providing a centralized infrastructure for transactions, payments, and logistics. In academia, multi-vendor marketplaces are studied within the fields of platform economics, network theory, and e-commerce ecosystems. Researchers investigate multi-vendor marketplace models, including commission-based, subscription-based, and peer-to-peer (P2P) models, to understand value creation, network effects, and marketplace dynamics in digital ecosystems. Multi-vendor marketplaces offer various benefits for sellers, such as increased market reach, reduced overhead costs, and access to a larger customer base, while providing buyers with a wide selection of products, competitive pricing, and convenience in shopping experiences. By facilitating collaboration among multiple sellers and buyers, organizations can create value through network effects, economies of scale, and platform synergies that drive marketplace growth and sustainability. Academic studies on multi-vendor marketplaces also explore marketplace governance mechanisms, trust and reputation systems, and regulatory challenges, as well as best practices for platform design, seller onboarding, and buyer-seller interactions to foster trust, transparency, and fairness in digital commerce ecosystems.

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