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AI-Powered E-Commerce Descriptions: Best Tools for Your Business

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    To make good sales through e-commerce, businesses need to get their product descriptions right. They must be well-written, SEO-friendly, factually correct, and attractive to the customers. However, a business could have hundreds of products listed on e-commerce websites. An easy way to write good product descriptions quickly is through an e-commerce product description generator. AI-driven tools like’s Product Description Generator let you generate compelling product descriptions quicker.

    What are AI-Powered E-Commerce Descriptions?

    A human needs to devote a lot of time to researching the products and writing good product descriptions. However, an AI tool can generate SEO-friendly product descriptions much faster. An e-commerce product description generator is used to write tailor-made product descriptions for e-commerce. 

    These tools source data about your product from different websites, including customer feedback. They can also extract attributes of your products from your product images. 

    AI is capable of generating product descriptions that will attract your target audience to the e-commerce site. The tools can include SEO keywords seamlessly into the descriptions so that they don’t seem forced. 

    How To Get AI-Written Product Descriptions?: 5 Tools You Can Use

    You have understood that using AI to generate your product descriptions would be beneficial for your business. But how to generate those descriptions? There are plenty of AI tools in the market. Here are a few good options that you may consider.


    With’s PIM Suite, you can generate powerful AI-written product descriptions. The tool helps you generate SEO-friendly product descriptions tailored to your audience. Such descriptions help you attract high-quality traffic to your website. The same product can be used for data sourcing, auto-image editing, and product attribute extraction.

    2. Write Sonic

    This product description generator helps you with creating SEO-friendly product descriptions faster. You can get its free plan and generate up to 10000 words for free. Otherwise, you will need a subscription. It can generate descriptions in multiple languages as well. 

    3. Any Word

    With this online tool, you can generate SEO-friendly product descriptions and product lists. You have to describe your product and enter the keywords that you want to incorporate. The details can also be imported from your product’s page on your website. You will get multiple variations of descriptions for every product. You can choose the description that you like the best from these variations.


    Similar to Any Word, this tool also requires you to provide your product’s details and specifications. Based on that, it generates compelling product descriptions quickly. The descriptions are written by AI. This is a free AI tool that is good for generating basic product descriptions. The descriptions are well-written and aim to highlight the important features of your product. 


    Through this tool, you get to choose an AI assistant. The website has multiple presets that you can choose from. Again, you have to provide the name of your product along with one or two lines about it. The AI will work with this information to create product descriptions, blog posts, and paraphrased content for you. This tool can seem a bit expensive because its basic plan does not have SEO capabilities. Plus, the basic plan limits the number of characters you can generate per month. 

    Three Benefits of Using AI-Powered Descriptions for E-Commerce

    Why opt for an e-commerce product description generator when you can hire a human to do the work? Here are 3 major benefits you can observe after letting AI take over your e-commerce product descriptions. 

    1. Time Saving

    Product descriptions have to be factually correct yet well-written. Writing good descriptions needs research, fact-checking, and lots of re-edits. When a human writer does this process, they need to spend more time. However, an e-commerce product description generator can write excellent product descriptions much faster.

    Your human writers can spend this saved time on areas that they are skilful at. They could monitor the process, tweak the descriptions if needed, or devote their time to other areas of writing.

    2. Lower Cost

    Businesses often shy away from using AI because they believe that AI tools are expensive. Developing AI tools for your business is expensive, but thankfully, businesses have plenty of readymade tools to choose from. And the AI tools available online are not that expensive. There are AI tools available for all budgets. Even small businesses can find affordable AI tools to generate SEO-friendly product descriptions. 

     When compared to hiring a full-time human writer for writing product descriptions, using AI for them is the cheaper option. Some AI tools are often sold as subscriptions so that businesses can pay for them on a month-to-month basis. 

    3. Improved Search Engine Visibility

    More customers will be attracted to your e-commerce store when your store consistently appears in their search engine results. Plus, the website should be one of the top few results because customers tend to choose between the top results only. When you use the right SEO keywords in your descriptions, it’s highly likely that your product will reach more customers. 

    A good AI tool can generate SEO-friendly product descriptions that will help your search engine visibility. Those descriptions can help in attracting quality traffic that can turn into your potential customer base. 

    4. Better Conversion Rates

    To sell products online, you need to convert your website visitors into customers. Product descriptions can help in improving your customer conversion rates. When customers visit e-commerce stores, they focus on the product descriptions to understand the product. Their decision relies on the description to a great extent.

    Ecommerce AI product description generator can help you write more helpful and compelling product descriptions. They can help in converting visitors into customers. Plus, SEO-friendly descriptions help you reach the right kind of customer base. You get high-quality traffic to your website, with higher possibility of them becoming your customers.

    Write Exceptional Product Descriptions With

    Start your journey of using AI-generated product descriptions with The tool helps you improve your search engine visibility and customer reach. Here’s what the tool can do for you,

    • Data Sourcing: The tool can gather information about your products from multiple sources. It collects customer feedback, product details, and market trends from the internet. The collection is done through competitor analysis and web scraping.
    • Generating Product Descriptions: After sourcing the data, the tool generates SEO-friendly product descriptions for your e-commerce website. This helps you attract high-quality traffic, improve your search engine visibility, and take your conversion rates up.
    • Products Attribute Extraction: This tool uses your product images to extract the attributes of your products. This will help in creating more accurate and more engaging product descriptions for your customers. uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to give you high-quality product descriptions. If you are interested in trying AI-powered product descriptions for your business, you can start with this tool. You can take a free demo to get an idea of how the tool works!

    If you wish to attract more customers to your e-commerce store, you must ace the game of writing compelling product descriptions. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to spend excessive time on research and writing. You can simply use Artificial Intelligence tools to write compelling product descriptions. These tools can help you write SEO-friendly product descriptions faster. It will improve your visibility on search engine tools, and you will attract more customers to your business.

    Use the PIM Suite created by to generate compelling product descriptions with the help of AI. You can source data, generate descriptions, and extract product attributes from product images with a single tool. Get a demo of the PIM Suite for free!

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