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Streamlining Pricing Workflows with Management Software

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    Simplification of business processes is an ideal way to enhance efficiency with the elimination or reduction of unnecessary or complex tasks. There are many modern technologies and strategic approaches by which this goal can be achieved. There are two key elements in this method – Processes and Workflows.

    Organizational processes can be a set of repetitive activities and tasks that need to be performed to achieve an outcome. The outcome may be achieved after following a set of instructions. Workflows are streamlined or a set of chronological processes that are followed sequentially to achieve the outcome. Both the terms can be used interchangeably.

    Benefits of Streamlining

    Better Productivity – The elimination of unnecessary tasks will increase the productivity of the employees and will encourage them to focus on relevant tasks.

    Increased Cost Efficiency – Using the streamlined pricing management software will let the organization reduce manual data entry and paper usage, thus reducing staffing costs.

    Improved Time Management – Streamlining the process ensures the prioritization of relevant tasks; thus, time management at work becomes better.

    Step-by-step Approach to Streamlining the Process

    Understand the existing processes – To achieve the goal of streamlining, you need first to assess the existing processes and workflows. You also need to identify the cost and personnel involved in all the operations.

    Categorize the processes – Not all processes carry the same importance; hence, you need to rank each of the processes as per their significance.

    Analyzing the results – After analyzing the processes, now it’s time to analyze their result. This will guide you in understanding which process is time-consuming and redundant.

    Request for feedback – Employees who are directly involved in the process will provide more valuable insights. Conducting anonymous surveys in this case might also help.

    Streamlining and automating business processes – There are many business software programs, such as Business Process Management (BPM), that will help streamline. You can select the one that fits the organization’s needs.

    Revise the process – Continuous improvements and revisions in the workflow are necessary for the process to become better.

    What Is a Pricing Workflow?

    This is a systematic process that gathers, consolidates, and redesigns/filters the relevant details of a pricing proposal or strategy. This process ensures that the proposal is accurate and aligns with the company’s goals and policies. It begins with data collection (cost analysis, market research, etc.). Further, when the proposal progresses through each stage with designated decision-makers, they review, approve, provide input (if required), and ensure that the final proposal aligns with the requirements of the organization. The decision also takes care of the client’s requirements or customer’s expectations.

    Workflow Management Software

    This software helps the organization or the workplace in the setup, execution, and monitoring of the workflows of the organization. Its main purpose is to ensure that the workflows and the processes (automated and manual) are both synced.

    Features of Workflow Management Software

    KPI (Key Performance Indicator) based reports – This feature will let you analyze where the obstacles are and where you should focus to improve.

    SLA (Service-Level Agreement) status indicators – You need to know which processes are on track before automating them. The software will use color code or similar features to let you know the areas that you need to put back on track.

    RBAC (Role-based Access Control) – Some sensitive information should not be visible to everyone. Hence, the software allows you to have control over what information can be viewed by whom.

    Notifications and reminders – Workflow software will send you email or push notifications for all your upcoming tasks.

    Integration – Elements like documents, sales reports, cash-flows, etc., should be included in the workflows as they are important. Hence, integrating common services like Google Calendars, SAP, and Salesforce is vital.

    Examples of Workflow Management Software

    Rubick – This software provides a comprehensive solution for e-commerce brands and sellers. They specialize in cataloging, Pricing Management Software, and digital readiness. One of the focuses is to streamline the organization’s go-to-market strategies for organizations and optimize their costs. They have three suites – PIM suite, cataloging suite, and marketing suite.

    Smartsheet – It is a flexible, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that has a friendly tabular UI. It has a combination of features of a spreadsheet and the advantages of project management tools. You can track, plan, assign tasks, manage progress and execute projects efficiently. You can create Gantt charts, dynamic spreadsheets, dashboards, etc., for data visualization, streamlining workflows, and more.

    Kissflow – It is a cloud-based workflow management tool that helps organizations to automate their repetitive tasks. It also helps them to design, create, and customize business applications. It comes with 50 pre-installed applications (purchase orders, employee onboarding, vendor payment), pre-built templates, and drag-and-drop tools that will help you to use this application.

    Kintone – In this software, you can use a simple drag-and-drop builder to customize the work applications that can streamline and automate nearly any kind of process. It is an all-in-one workplace platform. It can be used to manage projects, work with data, and optimize workflows. You will also get the option of built-in chat and communication functions to discuss with your teams. It is also useful in data visualizations like graphs and charts.

    Proworkflow – It is a powerful reporting tool that is a comprehensive solution related to project visibility and control. It empowers companies to make data-driven decisions. The features of this software are user-friendly and suitable for freelancers and small, medium, and large enterprises. On its homepage, you can see a quick overview of completed, active, and future work. The users stay updated with its messaging tool. You can streamline your workflow from anywhere using tasks, projects, Gantt charts, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting.

    Cflow – It is a Cloud BPM workflow automation software with features that allow you to customize as per the business requirements. Since this is a no-code BPM, you can set up the workflows using a visual form builder. You can customize workflow templates using the visual drag-and-drop forms designer. With this software, you can also work with different third-party tools. You can integrate your work with applications like Google Workspace, Office 365, SAP, etc.

    Fluix – You can use this software for various needs, like transforming paperwork into digital documentation, bringing critical processes under control, and getting data-driven insights that save the organization time and money. Centralizing document management is important for data accuracy and consistency. Also, you can cut down on repetitive tasks to focus more on important tasks with this software. It is mostly used in fields like construction, aviation, engineering, etc.

    Proofhub – This is a user-friendly management software that allows project managers to manage work, projects, and team collaboration from a central location. It allows them the flexibility to work, hold discussions easily, communicate with employees, discuss Gantt charts, and more. The task division in this software is efficient, and you can manage all your files in one place. You can also add custom fields for additional information like estimated time, priority, etc. –  In this smart collaboration and communication platform, you can run all your work with customizable products that match your needs. They can handle cases like product management, streamlining sales, software development, etc.


    It is to be noted that if you want to elevate managerial tasks or pricing workflow to the next level that streamlines how your business works, then you should consider management software. They will address your and the organization’s needs, and you can customize them, too. The whole process flow is smooth, starting from the onset to the outcome, using different automation and optimization tools. Visit for cutting-edge solutions.



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