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Maximizing Revenue with A/B Testing in Pricing

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    In this online shopping era, customer experience is important. In fact, Statista reported that 44.5% of organizations worldwide regard customer experience as a key competitive differentiation. Creating a quality user experience, however, requires more than just using intuition to forecast what will attract and convert potential consumers; you must also have real insights into what your target audience wants. Read this blog to find out what A/B testing is, why it is important, how to maximize revenue by it, and some tips for pricing experiments. 

    What Is A/B Testing?

    The A/B testing method is a strategy that may be utilized to determine which of your website’s designs, content, or functionalities is more well-received by your site users. It makes it possible for you to test a variation or component of your page that has the potential to alter the behavior of your customers.

    You have most likely heard of some straightforward examples of A/B testing, such as altering the colors of buttons and the language used for calls to action; nevertheless, many e-commerce enterprises are not aware of how to carry out this testing in an effective manner. When executed properly, A/B testing is considered an effective instrument for enhancing the KPIs that are most important to your firm. A tailored road map to get you started with A/B testing is provided here for those of you who are using it for the first time.

    Why A/B Testing Is Important?

    When done correctly, A/B testing (also known as split testing) can drastically improve your consumers’ purchasing experience, resulting in higher click-through rates, conversions, loyalty, and other benefits.

    Consider how Amazon has altered the internet purchasing experience:

    • Order with only one click.
    • Dash buttons enable you to reorder things by just pushing a button.
    • Two-day and free shipment.
    • Personal suggestions 

    On the other hand, these enhancements are not the product of random events; rather, they are the consequence of extensive testing and action based on the outcomes of the testing. In the future, you will surely go through the process of making improvements to your e-commerce website. These alterations may pertain to your messaging, SEO strategies, or checkout processes. On the other hand, if you want to make the necessary adjustments and convert a greater percentage of the traffic that you already have, A/B testing is an efficient way to uncover insights and point you on the right path.

    How Do We Maximize Revenue Through A/B Pricing?

    When it comes to A/B testing, expertise, and skill are equally needed, if not more important than the tools themselves. First, decide if you want to do your testing in-house or employ an outside agency. Here are a few best practices to assist you select the right solution for your business:

    Measure skill sets

    Whether you go with an agency or in-house, here are some of the crucial qualities to look for:

    • Data research
    • Statistical analysis
    • UX design
    • Project management
    • Conversion plan for conversion optimization
    • HTML and CSS
    • jQuery and JavaScript
    • And more.

    Each of these abilities adds something unique to the process, and its absence might result in unsuccessful A/B testing.

    Use the proper A/B testing tools

    A/B testing requires a number of specific tools, the most common of which is Google Optimize. It provides a comprehensive set of A/B testing features, including the ability to quickly execute tests, analyze results, examine website heatmaps, and much more.

    Hire a CRO agency for A/B testing.

    A number of service-based firms offer A/B testing services. However, many marketing agencies may add CRO or A/B testing to their list of services while having nothing more than a beginner’s understanding.

    There are two approaches to A/B testing: one is straightforward, and the other is more scientific and professional. Here’s what to look for in A/B testing services:

    • Whether they provide CRO as a supplement to other marketing services or focus only on CRO.
    • Case studies showing previous CRO effectiveness. These case studies should describe the precise techniques employed to obtain their results, whether they are data-driven. Any process that relies on intuition, “insight” flashes, or preferences is not CRO; CRO should always be data-driven.
    • If they have a specific CRO process. A business should have a well-defined CRO process that they repeat over and over. Do they concentrate on the short or long term? Instead of taking shortcuts and not waiting for enough test data to make a proper proposal, the finest CRO businesses are entirely focused on implementing a solid plan over time.

    Continue reading if you are interested in knowing tips for running an A/B test.

    What Are Tips for Running an A/B Test?

    A/B price testing is frequently discouraged since it might have a detrimental impact on your business if done incorrectly. However, when used correctly, they may be extremely useful tools for gathering vital insights into your items and pricing. Here are some tips for implementing an A/B price testing approach that will not frustrate your customers:

    • Test other products within the same category: As previously stated, it is unreasonable to force buyers to pay two different rates for the same exact product—they will soon notice the unexplained price difference. Instead, you can compare two different products in the same category to determine how much customers are willing to pay.
    • Determine the price points that you want to test: Even if you’re comparing two different products, you can modify their pricing as long as the price for each product remains the same for all customers. This can assist you in determining the optimal price range for each item in order to maximize profit while minimizing sales losses.
    • Prioritize revenue above conversions: Lowering an item’s price may improve sales, but it will still create less income than pricing it higher and maintaining the same sales level. Choose the winner of your A/B test based on total income earned, not conversion rates.

    Key Takeaways

    Price tests can be difficult and time-consuming, but getting it right the first time is important when pricing your products or services. The professionals at Rubick.AI specialize in direct pricing research and can assist you in determining your target consumer’s genuine willingness to pay for your goods. With our tried-and-true price testing methodology, you may learn about overall purchase intent, optimal price ranges, price sensitivity drivers, and consumer demographics. To avoid typical mistakes like: 

    • Analyzing and eliminating other elements that could affect your results.
    • Choose the winner of your A/B test based on total income earned, not conversion rates.
    • If you don’t have enough data, your results will be statistically insignificant. Therefore, don’t base any conclusions on them.
    • Setting new pricing points does not always require you to start from scratch.


    By experimenting on a regular basis, you’ll be able to determine the optimal price point for each product you offer, allowing you to serve your clients better while also meeting your own business objectives. Pricing intelligence tools can also help you gain great insight into product pricing and help you set competitive prices. 



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