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Attribute Extraction

Are you still entering product attributes for each item manually? Attribute extraction uses AI-powered image recognition to help you create first listings and enhance your existing catalogs. Extract attributes at scale and benefit from error-free and informative catalogs.

Cataloging Meets AI

Attribute Extraction by harnesses the power of AI to perform in-depth image analysis and offer fine-tuned product catalogs. Customers greatly benefit from precise tags and refined search results, also boosting your business’s conversion rates.
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Why Attribute Extraction?

Why should you use our Product Attribute Extraction tool?


Enriched Product Listings

Attribute extraction enriches product listings by

  • Reducing inaccurate product attributes
  • Adding extra information about each product
  • Keeping your product data relevant and up-to-date
Cataloging solutions

Make Buying a Pleasant Experience

Provide your customers with the best possible experience by

  • Allowing them to get in-depth details about each product
  • Empowering them to use advanced search and filter functions
  • Making the shopping experience easier than ever before


Marketing suite

Offer Experiences that Convert

Attribute extraction is a standout cataloging solution that helps

  • Boost customer satisfaction and conversions
  • Customize visitor interactions
  • Sell more to your well-informed customers


How Attribute Extraction Works

Attribute Extraction uses an AI-driven algorithm for image analysis to extract primary product attributes, streamlining catalog management and minimizing room for error.

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How does AI categorize products accurately?

The Attribute Extraction tool uses algorithms that dive deep into product images, ensuring flawless categorization without the hassle of manual effort. Say goodbye to errors and hello to streamlined catalog management! 

Attribute Extraction is your one-stop solution for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Step into the future of e-commerce and redefine your approach to product categorization.

Can I use this tool for existing catalogs?

Absolutely! Revamp your existing catalog with’s Attribute Extraction. It easily integrates into your current setup, turning your e-commerce catalog into a precision-packed index that boosts your product visibility and makes shopping a breeze for your customers. 

Whether you’re fine-tuning an existing catalog or expanding your offerings,’s Attribute Extraction will become your go-to tool once you try it out for yourself!

How does the tool create captivating descriptions?’s Attribute Extraction uses advanced natural language processing to generate product descriptions that draw in your audience. This innovative tool picks up comprehensive product details that set your listings apart from any competition. These product listings go beyond just facts and figures and engage potential customers with SEO-rich, descriptive content that boosts interaction and drives conversion rates.

Is this suitable for small-scale businesses?

Yes!’s Attribute Extraction tool caters to businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to small startups, seamlessly scaling to meet their unique needs. Our tool is designed to support growth in a highly competitive online market so that even small businesses can gain from upgraded catalog management. 

Product Attribute Extraction enables all businesses to up their operations game, enhance their online footprint, and compete favorably in the fast-evolving e-commerce landscape.

What makes's AI-driven product attribute extraction unique? stands out for its commitment to innovation with solutions that adapt to the fast-paced world of online shopping. With, you get more than just basic attribute extraction – you experience a transformative impact on your e-commerce venture. Choose for a partnership that embraces innovation, sets your business apart, and positions it for lasting growth and resilience.

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