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Dominate Your Niche Market With Competitor Pricing Intelligence

With our competitive pricing intelligence software, take your revenue growth to the next level with useful insights into product prices. See-through your competitors’ strategies and deploy farsighted strategies for long-term success.

Analyze, Optimize, and Sell More

Let real-time market data guide your pricing strategy. Understand price action for each product and park them for the most profitable results. Competitive pricing intelligence always keeps you a step ahead of the competition.
Say goodbye to guesswork in product pricing.Start AI Optimization Now!

What We Offer

Explore how our e-commerce price monitoring tool helps you:

Monitor Competitor’s Price Position

Knowing where the competition stands helps you

  • Optimize promotions and discounts
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Identify pricing gaps

Perform Seller Level Analysis

This level of analysis is crucial helping you

  • Benchmark your performance
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Improve your services 

Benefit from One-to-One Product Matching

Our product price tracker helps you gain insight into

  • Product price per product across different sellers
  • Competitors’ pricing strategy for each product
  • Competitors’ inventory management strategy 

AI price optimization is here.

How It Works

A competitor price monitoring software with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to perform AI price optimization of products at a granular level. Bestows your e-commerce business with foresight helping you analyze competitor discount trends alongside stock data.

Enable a price tracker for any website.

Rubick range of products - Designed to empower
your eCommerce enterprises towards success and scale.

PIM Suite

Rubick PIM Suite empowers you to centrally manage and enrich product information, and provide comprehensive, complete, consistent, and accurate data across multiple sales channels

Cataloging suite

Rubick Cataloging Suite enables you to manage end-to-end cataloging. Explore customized solutions for your business needs

Marketing Suite

Rubick Marketing Suite solution offers a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your eCommerce marketing initiatives and propel business growth


What’s a price scraping service?

Offered by pricing intelligence tools, a price scraping service gathers pricing data from different sources. Automated data extraction is done at a price-level to get pricing data, useful to businesses for making informed pricing decisions.

Can I use price tracker for any website?

Yes. You can specify the website/s you want the tool to crawl and obtain data from any website. Afterwards, you gain access to the data in an easy-to-interpret format. 

How are e-commerce dynamic pricing software beneficial?

Having the ability to provide you with real-time pricing data for products, you can adopt a flexible price policy. This helps you make profit from every price gap and market action. You can minimize losses as well. 

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