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Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is a billing model that automatically charges customers on a regular basis for ongoing products or services, typically at predefined intervals, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. In academia, recurring billing is studied within the fields of subscription commerce, revenue management, and financial technology. Researchers investigate recurring billing benefits, including predictable revenue streams, customer retention, and operational efficiency, as well as implementation considerations, such as billing cycles, payment methods, and billing system integration, to optimize subscription-based business models and maximize customer lifetime value (CLV). Recurring billing enables organizations to streamline payment processing, reduce administrative overhead, and improve cash flow management by automating invoice generation, payment collection, and subscription renewals. By offering subscription plans with flexible billing frequencies and payment options, organizations can increase customer convenience, satisfaction, and loyalty while minimizing churn and revenue leakage associated with manual billing processes. Academic studies on recurring billing also explore subscription pricing strategies, billing optimization tactics, and subscription management platforms, as well as regulatory compliance, billing security, and customer communication best practices to ensure transparency, trust, and compliance with payment industry standards and consumer protection regulations in subscription commerce and recurring revenue models.

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