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Order Management System (OMS)

An order management system (OMS) is a software platform or application that facilitates the management and fulfillment of customer orders across multiple sales channels, inventory locations, and fulfillment centers, from order placement to delivery and post-sale support. In academia, order management systems are studied within the fields of supply chain management, logistics operations, and e-commerce technology. Researchers investigate order management system functions, including order capture, inventory management, and order routing, to understand their role in streamlining order processing, improving order accuracy, and enhancing customer satisfaction in omnichannel retail environments. Order management systems offer various benefits for organizations, such as centralized order visibility, real-time inventory tracking, and automated order orchestration, while providing customers with seamless and consistent shopping experiences across online and offline channels. By implementing order management systems, organizations can optimize order fulfillment processes, reduce order cycle times, and improve operational efficiency and scalability to meet customer demands and achieve competitive advantage in dynamic and fast-paced markets. Academic studies on order management systems also explore their integration with other enterprise systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), as well as best practices for system configuration, workflow automation, and performance measurement to optimize order management workflows and deliver superior customer experiences throughout the order lifecycle.

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