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A marketplace is an online platform or website that connects buyers and sellers, enabling them to conduct transactions for goods, services, or information. In academia, marketplaces are studied within the fields of platform economics, network theory, and e-commerce ecosystems. Researchers investigate marketplace business models, including B2C, C2C, and B2B marketplaces, as well as platform governance, network effects, and marketplace dynamics, to understand value creation, competition, and innovation in digital marketplaces. Marketplaces offer various benefits, such as increased market efficiency, expanded reach, and reduced transaction costs for buyers and sellers. By providing a centralized platform and infrastructure for commerce, marketplaces enable businesses to scale their operations, access new markets, and engage with a diverse range of customers and suppliers. Academic studies on marketplaces also explore emerging trends such as platform monetization, ecosystem partnerships, and regulatory challenges, as well as best practices for marketplace design, trust and safety mechanisms, and community management to foster sustainable growth and value creation in digital ecosystems.

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