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A business incubator is a program or organization that provides resources, mentorship, and support services to startups and early-stage ventures to help them grow and succeed. In academia, business incubators are studied within the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation management, and economic development. Researchers investigate business incubator models, including university-affiliated, corporate-backed, and government-sponsored incubators, to understand their organizational structures, funding sources, and program offerings for entrepreneurs and innovators. Business incubators offer a range of services, such as office space, networking events, access to capital, and business coaching, to accelerate startup growth and increase their chances of survival and scalability. By participating in an incubator program, entrepreneurs can access valuable resources, validate their business ideas, and overcome common challenges associated with startup ventures, such as market validation, product development, and fundraising. Academic studies on business incubators also explore their impact on job creation, economic growth, and innovation ecosystems, as well as best practices for incubator management, program evaluation, and ecosystem collaboration to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in local and global markets.

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