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Hyperlocal marketing is a targeted advertising strategy that focuses on reaching customers within a very specific geographic area, typically within a few miles radius of a business location or point of interest. In academia, hyperlocal marketing is studied within the fields of location-based services, consumer behavior, and digital advertising. Researchers investigate hyperlocal targeting techniques, including geo-fencing, GPS targeting, and beacon technology, to deliver personalized messages, offers, and promotions to users based on their real-time location and contextual relevance. Hyperlocal marketing enables organizations to increase brand visibility, drive foot traffic, and boost sales by connecting with nearby consumers in a timely and relevant manner. By leveraging hyperlocal marketing, organizations can enhance local market penetration, optimize advertising spend, and measure the impact of location-based campaigns on customer acquisition and retention. Academic studies on hyperlocal marketing also explore its effectiveness, privacy considerations, and consumer perceptions, as well as best practices for location-based targeting, creative messaging, and campaign attribution in driving local engagement and conversions in retail, hospitality, and service industries.

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