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D2C is an abbreviation for direct-to-consumer. Direct-to-consumer is a business model where manufacturers or brands sell their products directly to consumers without intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, or retailers. A company produces a given product in its own facility and distributes it within its own channels. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) is the business model of selling products directly to customers, bypassing third-party retailers, wholesalers, or middlemen. Direct-to-consumer sales are usually transacted online, but direct-to-consumer brands may also operate physical retail spaces as a complement to their main e-commerce platform in a clicks-and-mortar business model. 

In academia, D2C is studied within the fields of marketing strategy, supply chain management, and retailing. Researchers investigate the benefits and challenges of the D2C model, including control over brand positioning, access to customer data, and higher profit margins compared to traditional retail channels. D2C brands leverage digital technologies and e-commerce platforms to establish direct relationships with consumers, offering personalized shopping experiences, transparent pricing, and seamless customer service. By adopting the D2C model, organizations can bypass middlemen, gain market insights, and build brand loyalty through direct engagement with customers. Academic studies on D2C also explore its impact on industry dynamics, competitive strategies, and emerging trends such as vertical integration, subscription models, and experiential retail concepts in the digital age.

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What is D2C and how it works?

D2C is an abbreviation for direct-to-consumer. A company produces a given product in its own facility as well as distributes it within its own channels. These channels may be an e-commerce platform, a community platform, social media, or a retail store.

What are the benefits of D2C?

Selling D2C helps companies diversify by providing an additional revenue stream independent of fluctuations that routinely occur when selling B2B to retailers and distributors. This new sales strategy carries the potential to unlock a deeper relationship with your customers and better control over your brand.

What is the challenge of D2C?

The D2C sector is grappling with challenges such as oversaturation, high customer acquisition costs, and a lack of differentiation. However, with adaptability and innovation, D2C brands have the potential to reinvent themselves and secure their place in the evolving retail landscape.

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