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Zilingo: Fashion and lifestyle e-store in SE Asia, empowering B2B eCommerce.

Standardizing Data from Multiple Sellers for Zilingo



Zilingo is an online fashion and lifestyle store operating in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Originally established to assist local fashion retailers in Southeast Asia, it has grown to encompass a diverse range of products and brands, enriching the online shopping landscape.

The platform emphasizes efficient supply chains, aiming to bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers. 

Goals and Objectives

ecommerce content strategy

SEO Optimized Product Description

ecommerce solutions

Reduced Manual Efforts & Time

ecommerce operation solutions

Enhanced Operational Efficency

data management solution

Efficient Data Management

product listing solutions

Consistency in Product Listing 

user engagement and sales

Increased User Engagement & Sales

The Problem

Zilingo faced the challenge of receiving product information from various sellers in disparate formats. The challenge was further complicated for converting this diverse data into a uniform template involving intricate attribute mapping, color categorization, and the creation of unique product descriptions.


product information management

Product Information as per Different Marketplace Format

The Solution

  • implemented a comprehensive solution to this issue, automating 75% of the data standardization process. 
  • The team strategically used advanced AI technology and in-house tools for image sorting and attribute mapping. 
  • The data from multiple sources was seamlessly integrated into upload templates, streamlining the process.

What We Achieved


of 10,00,000 words of product descriptions.


and categorization of 2,50,000+ images.


of over 120,000 attributes using the custom-built tool.

Handling 27,000 SKUs

including the generation of 10,00,000 words, all accomplished within a remarkably efficient timeframe of 3.5 weeks.


Our Success Revealed successfully overcame the challenge of standardizing diverse data from multiple sellers by implementing an advanced automation solution. This significantly reduced manual effort and enhanced data accuracy and consistency, improving operational efficiency for the Zilingo online marketplace.

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