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Unlimited by Arvind - Standardizing eCommerce Data & Image Management

Arvind's Unlimited faced cataloging challenges with its diverse JPG image format for their clothing range.

Unlimited by Arvind


Unlimited by Arvind is a fashion clothing brand that encountered a unique set of challenges. It faced problems mainly with cataloging its JPG format images for a diverse clothing range.

Goals and Objectives

Prediction of potential consumer trend

Prediction of potential consumer trend 

ecommerce marketing

Refined marketing campaigns

ecommerce product visibility

Analyze large data volume

supply chain errors

Reduced supply chain errors

customer engagement

Better customer engagement

boost ecommerce sales

Higher conversions

The Problem

Unlimited by Arvind in managing the images, data attributes, and understanding portal requirements.

Incompatible image format

Incompatible Image Format:

The images they provided were in JPG format, which none of the cataloging portals accept. 

Lack of specific attributes

Lack of Specific Attributes

They needed to provide specific attribute data for the styles, which made it challenging to create accurate product listings.

Portal specific requirement

Portal-Specific Requirements

Each marketplace portal had unique requirements for product listing, including category and gender specifications.

The Solution

  • Converting Image Formats: addresses the issue of incompatible image formats by swiftly converting the client’s JPG images into S3/Dropbox links. This transformation allowed for seamless compatibility with cataloging portals, ensuring the image could be read easily.
  • Image Recognition Technology: This innovative solution involved extracting essential attributes like color, neck type, sleeve length, print type, and gender directly from the images.
  • Custom Template-Based Listings: first identified distinct product types, downloaded appropriate templates and styles, and meticulously placed them into these templates. This approach ensured that each listing met the unique category and gender specifications of different marketplace portals.
Unlimited by Arvind

What We Achieved cataloging and auto-description processes showcased our adaptability and innovative problem-solving capacities. This comprehensive approach benefited Unlimited by Arvind and the end-users on diverse eCommerce portals like Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Limeroad, Myntra, Nykaa, and TataCliq.

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unlimited by Arvind

Unlimited by Arvind revolutionized cataloging using

Unlimited by Arvind transformed its cataloging approach with, converting JPG images, extracting attributes, and creating perfect product listings. This standardized cataloging across platforms like Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Limeroad, Myntra, Nykaa, and TataCliq, showcases’s adaptability and boosts the brand’s impact.

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