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Streamlining Catalogue at Indiluxe with Content Creation Tool

Indiluxe streamlined its catalog creation process by implementing the content creation tool of

tatacliq Indiluxe


Product catalog creation on eCommerce platforms is a complex task. Extracting attributes from data, sourcing the right images, and creating engaging content is time-consuming. Also, low-quality content can lead to declined customer satisfaction.

Indiluxe, a premium fashion brand on Tata Unistore, faced significant challenges in catalog creation on Tata Unistore. They desired to channelize across several channels for marketplaces. But it took a lot of time to perform the same thing manually.

Goals and Objectives

Accurate product attributes

Accurate product description

Creating engaging product descriptions

Creating engaging product descriptions

ecommerce catalog solution

Streamlining the catalog creation process

auto image editing

Finding and editing high-quality images

Faster TAT for faster catalog updates

Faster TAT for faster catalog updates

Improving scalability and online visibility

Improving scalability and online visibility 

The Problem

Indiluxe battled against a lot of time and resources to extract and map product characteristics. High-quality image sourcing and editing for platform compatibility presented difficulties, while time-consuming content creation prevented scaling.

Attribute extraction

Attribute Extraction

It was discovered that extracting product attributes from input data and mapping them to templates required a lot of resources and was prone to mistakes.

Image sourcing & editing

Image Sourcing and Editing

The brand needed help finding high-quality images and then modifying them to fit the platform’s demands.

Content creation

Content Creation

They could not scale since creating product descriptions and information for every product took time and effort.

Data accuracy

Data Accuracy and Faster TAT

Inaccurate data and drawn-out processes delayed updates to their product catalog.

The Solution

Indiluxe had difficulty managing its catalog because of the labor-intensive and lengthy processes involved in listing products, extracting attributes, sourcing and editing photos, and creating content. The delayed processes and inaccuracy in data further led to delayed catalog updates. These limitations affected their scalability and online visibility, making introducing new goods and keeping an up-to-date catalog difficult.

The solution included quickly mapping SKUs from input data to several marketplace category templates using Obtaining data and photographs from the web and creating product descriptions based on primary categories filled in the gaps left by missing data. Additionally, to provide a thorough and accurate catalog.



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What We Achieved streamlined the extraction of product attributes, aiming to minimize resource allocation and reduce errors during the mapping process to templates. facilitated sourcing high-quality images and editing them to suit platform specifications, easing compatibility issues.

Indiluxe optimized time and effort by automating product descriptions using solution, simplifying the content creation process based on primary attributes. ensured a faster Turnaround Time (TAT) by improving data accuracy and expediting catalog updates, emphasizing data accuracy and timeliness.


Indiluxe grows with's innovative catalog transformation transformed Indiluxe’s catalog creation on Tata Unistore by automating SKU mapping, data sourcing, and content generation. This boosted accuracy, speed, and scalability, improving content quality and customer satisfaction. Indiluxe now effectively manages its catalog across platforms, driving growth and visibility in the fashion industry.

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