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Snapdeal aimed to improve product listings across online marketplaces.

Multi-marketplace Catalog Management with



Snapdeal, a prominent eCommerce platform, hosts a vast array of products across various niches. The platform offers an extensive selection of products, prioritizing a seamless online shopping experience. Renowned for its affordability and user-friendliness.

Its objective is to optimize the catalog creation process, ensuring precise and high-quality product listings across multiple marketplaces.

Goals and Objectives

ecommerce cataloging
Enhanced product catalog quality
Auto image editing
Accurate image editing
Faster catalog updating
Faster catalog updating
Precise product recommendations
Precise product recommendations
Inventory management system
Efficient inventory management
seller support
Upscaling support for sellers

The Problem

Catalog creation

Catalog Creation

Snapdeal needed to create catalogs for various product categories across different marketplaces. This required extracting product attributes accurately, especially for the fashion category.

Quality control system

Quality Control and Validation

Ensuring that product data on their platform and other marketplaces was accurate and up-to-date was time-consuming. Snapdeal needed a solution to validate and enrich this data.

data Standardization


Each marketplace had its specific template requirements. Snapdeal needed to standardize product data to meet these varied specifications.

The Solution

  • employed image recognition for the fashion category to extract product attributes, particularly those limited to image-related attributes, ensuring accurate data filling.
  • For the Non-fashion category, the primary attributes provided by Snapdeal were used to populate the marketplace catalogs.
  • mapped the product information to the respective marketplace templates for Snapdeal, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, Jiomart, and Tatacliq.
  • Automated product description generation was employed for products lacking descriptions.

What We Achieved

Efficient Data Extraction streamlined the data extraction process, significantly reducing manual efforts.

Copyright Compliance

The solution ensured copyright and plagiarism-free content, enhancing the quality of product listings.

Automated Description Generation employed auto-generating product descriptions, saving time and effort.

Accurate Image Editing

Images were edited to meet marketplace guidelines, enhancing product presentation

snapdeal logo

From Diversity to Uniformity

Rubick automation solutions implementation allowed Snapdeal to create and manage catalogs across multiple marketplaces efficiently. It ultimately led to better sales and customer satisfaction.

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