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How a goal driven SEO strategy helped a leading jewelry brand double sales organically

A leading jewelry brand was converting half of their visitors as customers and were looking to double their sales. helped the brand with a goal driven SEO strategy to achieve the numbers in market


A prominent jewelry brand in India known for its exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs, and exceptional quality. Established in 1994, it has become a symbol of trust and beauty, offering a wide range of gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry that blends traditional elegance with modern aesthetics. With a commitment to ethical practices and customer satisfaction, The leading jewelry brand earned a strong reputation in the country.

Goals and Objectives

Improve conversion rate

Improve organic traffic conversions

Balance repeat vs new customers

Balance Repeat vs New Customers

Track branded vs non branded traffic

Create Focus on Product Categories

Create focus on product categories

Target Geographies

Target geographies

The Problem

  • Enhancing conversions among organic and returning visitors
  • Develop SEO strategies to attract and retain new traffic while emphasizing the brand.
  • Identify and implement specific actions to reduce the current 20% bounce rate.
  • Aligning product focus with target markets (India, USA) while competing with Ccompetitors
Increase in Conversion Rate

Increase in Conversion Rate

The Solution created a comprehensive strategy to enhance conversions for both organic and returning visitors. This involved optimizing content for user intent, utilizing Google Analytics for behavior analysis, and implementing A/B testing for conversion rate optimization. Additionally, for new traffic and brand promotion, conducted keyword research and crafted brand-focused content around the keywords. 

Addressing the bounce rate was a priority, and focus was given to improving page load speed, optimizing internal linking, and refining meta descriptions and titles. This targeted approach contributed to a more engaging user experience. To further expand our reach, we conducted competitor analysis, customized products and category pages for specific markets like India and the USA, and implemented a strategic backlink strategy.

Continuous monitoring, regular audits, and adaptability to search engine algorithm changes were key aspects of’s SEO strategy. Establishing a feedback loop for user reviews ensured continual refinement and enhancement, contributing to the sustained success of our SEO efforts.

What We Achieved

By optimizing content, improving user experience, and implementing CRO techniques, the website saw increased conversion rates for both organic and returning visitors.

The SEO strategies drew in and kept new traffic effectively, highlighting the brand's unique selling points. Brand-focused content enhanced brand visibility, resulting in higher audience engagement and recognition.

Actions to improve page load speed, optimize content relevance, and enhance meta descriptions and titles led to a significant decrease in the initial bounce rate. Users were more inclined to navigate the site.

Using localized SEO, product customization, and a targeted backlink strategy, the business effectively aligned its product focus with the target markets (India, USA), evident in enhanced search rankings, boosted organic traffic, and a stronger positioning in the jewelry market.

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From Diversity to Uniformity

Rubick automation solutions implementation allowed Snapdeal to create and manage catalogs across multiple marketplaces efficiently. It ultimately led to better sales and customer satisfaction.

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