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Just In Time: Competitive Pricing Analysis Across Omni channel Marketplaces and Retailers

Just In Time found it challenging to monitor the prices at which competitors were selling on various platforms

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Just In Time is a leading retailer of global watch brands. They have an expansive watch collection from 30+ brands, with 10000+ watch styles. Their competitors include other retailers selling the same products. Just In Time faced challenges in optimizing its prices as per the market conditions to gain a competitive edge and increase its sales.

Goals and Objectives

Increase sales and margins

To optimize prices effectively

To optimize prices effectively

A unified dashboard to analyze the competition

Identify price violations by competitors

Identify price violations by competitors

The Problem

Loss of Sales

Loss of Sales

Loss of sales due to lack of market insights from the competitors.

Huge Manual effort

Manually analyzing 8 competitors and over 10,000 styles was challenging and time-consuming.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking of price violations was not possible.

The Solution

  1. Pricing intelligence combines all available data to provide easy insights like your price position amongst your competitors and the price range for each product to help you adjust the prices to increase your sales. This helped Just in Time optimize its pricing to have more than 50% of its inventory at the best prices in the market
  2. Using Rubick AI’s advanced algorithm, we matched 10000+ products from all their competitors with 99% accuracy, providing them with the product and pricing information in one dashboard for real-time tracking and analysis.
  3. Using’s cutting-edge solutions, we provide insights like listing price, offer price, and stock availability at the SKU Level. Now, Just In Time can easily identify that the competitors are selling at a price lower than the brand-approved price. This helped them gain an edge in the market and increased their trust with the brand partners.

What We Achieved

Pricing Intelligence helped optimize the prices to bring 50% of the total inventory at available at the best price in the market.

Using Pricing Intelligence, the competitors’ price violation detection became easy, leading them to win the trust of brand partners.

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