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Durian struggled with multi-market catalogs, auto descriptions, image editing, and efficiency improved Durian's Flipkart catalog with better product listings using data-driven enhancements.



Durian is a prominent home decor and furniture provider. They approached with specific requirements, including catalog creation and multiple marketplace listings. put its best foot forward to help Durian.

Goals and Objectives

ecommerce cataloging

Comprehensive catalog automating 

Automate the generation of product descriptions

Automate the generation of product description

SEO Optimized product descriptions

SEO optimized product descriptions

Data correctness

Data correctness

ecommerce product image editing

Professional image editing

Image mapping in desired templates

Image mapping in desired templates

The Problem

Durian faced the following problems, which were adversely affecting their optimization processes and product listing efficiency:

marketplace catalog creation

Multi-Marketplace Catalog Creation

Durian needed to create comprehensive product catalogs for their Home Decor products and list them across various online marketplaces.

ecommerce product description

 Auto Product Descriptions

Efficiently creating detailed product descriptions for each item in the catalog was daunting. Durian sought a solution to automate this process, ensuring accurate and appealing product descriptions.

Image editing

Image Editing

Durian needed their product images to be edited in compliance with the specific guidelines of online marketplaces to enhance their listings’ visual appeal and professionalism.

Fill rate improvement

Fill Rate Improvement

To maximize their product listings’ efficiency, Durian sought solutions to increase the fill rates of their catalogs. This included addressing missing data points and optimizing data extraction.

The Solution

  • Extracted information and attributes from the input data were meticulously mapped to the category-specific template.
  • filled in several characteristics such as finish color, primary color, suitable for, and finish type.
  • Any information missing from the input data was extracted from the Durian website to complete the Flipkart template.

What We Achieved

Using the input data given by the Durian team, successfully improved the Flipkart catalog for Durian.

Product listings on Durian were significantly improved with our solutions. Durian's products' overall quality and presentation on numerous online marketplaces were enhanced by methodically mapping attributes, updating photos, and creating auto-product descriptions.


Smooth Transitioning from Chaos to Clarity

Our solutions helped improve product visibility and customer satisfaction for Durian. Consequently, it has boosted their sales. Our AI solutions greatly improved the product description quality for multiple channels, which enhanced the conversion rate. 

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