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CRED sought help to enhance catalog management efficiency. extracted data, sourced images, optimized content, and edited images.



CRED is a well-known fintech company. It approached to help with optimizing its specific business processes. It needed a robust system to seamlessly integrate product information into its catalog infrastructure.

Goals and Objectives

ecommerce product attribution extraction

Extracting product attributes

Auto image editing

Image editing to enhance visual appeal

ecommerce product launch

Seamless product launching

ecommerce content generation

Optimized auto text generation

Sourcing and validating data

Sourcing and validating data

seller support

Improved TAT

The Problem

CRED faced challenges in its catalog management processes. It needed help with accurate and efficient product information inclusion, including titles, descriptions, images, and specifications, within CRED’s catalog management system to expedite Turnaround Time (TAT) and enhance sales efficiency.

Catalog management

Catalog management process

The Solution

  • meticulously extracted product attributes from top marketplace websites in their existing format, mapping them to the respective category-specific output. 
  • handled the extraction of product images from brand and top marketplace sources.
  • The content was generated using cutting-edge AI tools and optimized for search engine visibility. 
  • Images underwent meticulous editing, aligning with template guidelines and client preferences.

What We Achieved offered enhanced product descriptions, creating a more comprehensive and appealing catalog. Some common attributes filled in for the electronic catalog were compatibility, charging types, warranty, wattage, dimensions, installation type, and so on. This is aimed at boosting customer experience.

The improved catalog management system and product listings streamlined CRED's sales processes. Faster turnaround times (TAT) and higher sales efficiency became achievable goals.

Our image sourcing and editing process contributed to visually appealing product listings. showcased flexibility in data sourcing. In cases where SKUs were not listed on the web, we leveraged images to complete the catalog, ensuring comprehensive coverage of CRED's product range.


Challenges of Catalog Management Conquered

CRED largely benefitted from this expedited catalog creation process. Our collaborations reshaped how product information was handled within CRED’s e-commerce ecosystem. The client saw increased sales and growth over time owing to the smooth operation. 

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